Contemporary classic


The massive entrance hall with its 4.5-metre-high ceiling is both spacious and elegant. A high-quality finish, classic ornaments with subtle gold accents, meticulously selected furniture, both antique and contemporary, wallpaper with a special pattern and texture, high classic skirting boards – everything points to the fact that the people who live here have a keen eye for detail and a fine appreciation of the grandeur of yesteryear.

Contemporary classic

When it came to restoring their precious family legacy, the owners wanted only the most skilled professionals on the job. “I know Matthijs & Co because I’ve already worked with them for mutual clients, so I didn’t hesitate for a moment in entrusting them with this important task. Their vision and expert knowledge, combined with their wealth of expertise in executing these kinds of projects, are unique in the market.” As a keen art and antique lover, the owner himself is very interested in interior decor, colours, textures, techniques and materials, and keeps up with all the latest trends. “We didn’t want any old restoration: even though we were restoring the classic interior, we wanted to give it our own personal touch too. After all, we don’t live in the past, but with the past and put our own stamp on it.”

No concessions

“We had no hesitation in opting for the best possible quality of finish, in terms of both materials and execution. On the ground floor, any defects were skilfully rectified. For instance, the experts from Matthijs & Co professionally restored and painted the old mouldings: they removed mouldings that had sustained water damage and recast them, by a traditional method, using an intact section as a template. They also sanded and treated the solid wood parquet floor and completed everything to a very high specification. As soon as you come into our house, the grandeur of the olden days is immediately called to mind, and that’s exactly what we were aiming for. The personal touches we added, such as the gold edging or the gold accents in the classic ornaments, were seamlessly incorporated. And now the upper floor also blends in perfectly to create a stylish whole, partly due to the choice of colours and materials, such as Carrara marble in the bathroom. Except that up there everything is designed to be practical and contemporary. Just as we wanted.”

This project won the Decoratie Award 2016.
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