We can make your dream interior a reality. With a lot of painters, they just come into a room, throw a sheet on the floor and start painting. That’s not how Matthijs & Co go about things.

“We have an innate sense of tactility and aesthetics. Matthijs & Co is a family business and we were all brought up knowing you have to work hard and be well aware of what you’re doing. I studied painting techniques: I find creating imitation marble particularly fascinating, for example, and I don’t shrink from using labour-intensive techniques either. We have a great affinity for restoration work, but we’re just as happy tackling contemporary architecture. We keep up with trends, have a real understanding of what’s needed and are true perfectionists when it comes to our work.”

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Tijl Matthijs

Quite simply a master of decorative painting techniques

“We had no hesitation in opting for the best possible quality of finish, in terms of both materials and execution. The personal touches we added, such as the gold edging or the gold accents in the classic ornaments, were seamlessly incorporated. Just as we wanted.”

Owner of the restored property that earned the Decoratie Award 2016