Interior Decoration

Fine restoration or modern design? Both, with a predilection for clean lines and pure design, because both are part of our DNA at Matthijs & Co.

“If you ask me which we prefer doing – meticulously restoring and decorating a castle or classic monument, fully respecting tradition, or elegantly designing and furnishing a minimalist new-build project – I have to give you a qualified response. Thanks to the insight we’ve gained over the years and the influence of the people who’ve crossed our path, we’re now able to take on both classic restoration jobs and more modern projects. We deliver first-rate quality in both areas, because both are part of our DNA at Matthijs & Co.”

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Adelbert Matthijs

’Pater familias’ and deeply passionate about his work

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“I’m often struck by the fact that it’s difficult to explain exactly what result I want to achieve. You just can’t describe everything; there’s always an element of interpretation involved. At Matthijs & Co, they really contribute ideas and come up with useful solutions.”

Katrien De Coninck, interior architect